About Us

Our Story

Biocchi Development was founded by me, Daniel Biocchi. I spent 6 years in post secondary education studying all things that interested me. Topics like computer science, logic, mathematics, and philosophy. My passion for the sciences, and accumulative knowledge has given me a skillset spanning many fields of computer science.

Our Philosophy

We're in the digital age and we've acknowledged this. We understand the first place that anybody goes to for any direction is a search engine. Whether it is to find out how many people are up in the International Space Station, or the hours of their favourite pizza place. We want to connect those www. wanderers with your brand. By directing them to an elegant website that properly showcases your business or product in an appealing and capturing way. You will increase sales and outreach.

Starting in the Garage

You've joined us at the start of something great. Thanks for being here.


Daniel Biocchi

Founder & Head Developer

An intellectual yokel who is here to do  things differently. A better different.

Think you can contribute?...

Head on over to the contact page and let me know what you're good at. I'm always looking for like minded individuals who want to either discuss an interesting topic, emerging technology, or business inquiries.